From our founder - Kay Lakhi

Welcome to Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies.

In 1995, our mission began with an earnest desire to be part of the healthcare team in the community we lived in. We empowered individuals to improve their health through balanced nutrition. We listened to their voices, focused on their unique needs, and counseled them about diet and nutrition that was right for them. Our goal was to improve health by focusing on nutrition.

Since then, we have expanded our expertise so we could reach more people and transform more lives. We have become a market leader in the corporate wellness space.

Over the years, my team and I have successfully inspired and empowered thousands of people to change their lives in positive ways.

The last two decades have been an incredible journey. But the road does not end here. Rather, it is the beginning of a new adventure.

The birth of Alyfe is a momentous turn in the history of our company. The new brand represents our growth and vision for the future while strengthening our mission to care for organizations, employees and communities you call home.

The name ‘Alyfe’ signifies the transformation that happens when you find the ‘Y’ in life.

It represents the pursuit of well-being in all its forms.

As we move forward, our diverse range of products will focus on the holistic and integrated well-being of employees including physical, emotional, social, career and fiscal aspects. By doing so, we hope to support and empower the workforce to realize their true potential. We are determined to continue bringing you cutting-edge strategies and solutions that will enhance the success of your well-being programs.

Together, we can make people healthier and happier. We can save lives. I hope you can join us on this important mission.

Let us help you find your ‘Y.’


Kay Lakhi, RDN, LD, NHA