Why well-being matters & 4 strategies to help your programming

In order to drive morale in the workplace, keep staff turnover and absenteeism low, customer service and employee enthusiasm up, companies should focus on the employee, and their overall well-being and why it is such an important factor when it comes to the big picture of a successful company.

The concept of well-being and overall wellness includes more than just the employee’s health.  There are a number of non-health related aspects of an individual that can impact their health.  Two of the biggest concerns are financial worries and job stress.  Both of these things can raise blood pressure and cause other health problems in the long run.  One can also state that poor health can hurt one’s emotional well-being, and their personal life.

These things can impact a person’s job performance over time.  That’s why moving in the right direction towards employee well-being in the workplace truly matters, both for the individual and the company.  The goal should be to create a workplace focused on healthier, more productive, engaged and highly functioning employees.

Well-being is missing from a lot of work cultures, but this is not necessarily intentional.  In most cases companies that discourage well-being do so by accident.   Recognizing these trends can be the first step in the process of changing your work force culture.  Small changes can make big impacts with your employees.

Here are a list of a few strategies to consider implementing into your workplace:


  • Stress Less Events

Once a month hold a Stress Less Event where 1-2 massage therapists come in during the work day usually for an hour or two at a time, and provide the employees a 5-10 minute chair massage. Even in this short amount of time this allows the employee to break away from work, to de-stress, and relax.

  • Lunch and Learns

A great way to get employees together during the lunch hour and engage in a healthy discussion around a popular health topic that is trending right now, led by a clinical healthcare professional. These brief discussions which usually last anywhere from 30-45 minutes during the employees lunch hour can be very interactive and open ended.  It’s a great way to bring awareness on general health and well-being.

  • Wellness Challenges

A fun way to boost morale among your employees! Friendly competition when it comes to one’s health and well-being is very exciting and engaging.  They can be individual or team based challenges.  During the challenge everyone is focused on the goal of winning, and by doing this they are a lot more alert, motivated, and engaged in the day to day work tasks.

  • Workout Breaks

Offering workout classes led by a certified fitness instructor during the employees work day once a week, or even once a month is another great way to motivate and re-charge the employees mind during the day.  It allows them to take a brief break from work, and energize their minds after a long day.  They return refreshed and more willing to continue the day strong and end on a positive note!


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