Total Wellbeing:
The Future of Wellness

January 19th, 2016
7:00am – 11:30am
Nationwide Conference Center
100 Green Meadows Drive South
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Room: Hickory 1
Building: Virgina

Please park in the West parking lot

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Join Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies for a revolutionary seminar that will discuss the latest insights and research from within the health and wellbeing industry. Challenge the way you think about wellness with real discussion and idea exchange.

7:00AM-8:00AM (Registration & Networking)

Enjoy a chair massage and breakfast will be provided

8:00AM-8:15AM (Welcome)

Kay Lakhi, RDN, LD, NHA
CEO & Founder
Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies


Kay Lakhi is the President for Alyfe. Kay is a registered/licensed dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. She has been practicing in the field of dietetics for over 20 years in various health care settings. Along with her experience in clinical dietetics, Kay is also a licensed nursing home administrator. Kay is very active throughout the community, is the past chairperson of the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce, was named The Small Business Person of the Year (2012) and is a member of many different committees for the Ohio Health Care Association. She has also served as a past president of the Columbus Dietetic Association.

8:15am-9:30am (Wellbeing & Business Performance)

John Harris
Performance pH


For years wellness has primarily focused on physical health.  More recently, the field has begun to also address mental and emotional health factors such as stress, but more recent research suggests that is not enough.  Instead, total wellbeing should now be our focus.  When addressing total wellbeing we need to take into consideration personal purpose, career, connection to community, emotional, financial, and physical factors.  That is exactly what the “wellness” programs of the future will do, although accomplishing it will take time.  This presentation will address the current state of wellbeing in America, the business value of taking a broader approach, and describe the types of initiatives likely to have the greatest impact.

John Harris is a partner in Performance pH, a company that leverages a variety strategies to allow people to do their best work, and employers to optimize business performance.  Considered a wellness pioneer, John was the co-founder of Harris HealthTrends, an entrepreneurial corporation that became one of the top five and helped shape the prevention industry into what it is today.  John received a Bachelor of Science degree from Grand Valley State University in 1977, and a Masters in Education degree from The University of Toledo, in 1982, and has over 35 years of experience in the employee health field.  He presents internationally, is the author of many publications on employee health, and has received a number of prestigious industry awards.  John has served as a consultant to many Fortune 500 companies and industry support organizations, and serves on multiple not-for-profit and for-profit boards

9:30AM-9:45AM (Break)

Watch a cooking demo, enjoy a chair massage and explore the Alyfe wellbeing offerings

9:45AM-10:45AM (Enhancing resilience-A mind/body approach towards achieving wellbeing)

Susie Croes-Barone RDN, LD
Health Promotion & Wellness Consultant


Living in a progressive country where the pace of life can be overwhelming, both personally and professionally, has contributed to increased disease manifestations and with it, increased healthcare costs both for the individual and his/her employer. A key element in most diagnosis is stress and the impact it has on the immune system and overall well-being. This experiential presentation explores various activities that can contribute to personal stress and provides simple, yet powerful mind/body techniques to minimize the stress response while enhancing personal resilience and well-being.

Susie began her career within the public health and healthcare arenas in 1983. Her 32 years of industry experience includes working in healthcare systems, government entities, public and private corporations and the health promotion industry. She has held managerial positions in healthcare and corporate wellness organizations. Throughout her career, Susie’s primary goal has been to educate, advocate and promote holistic health and wellness for all populations in the public health and health services fields.

Susie has Bachelor of Science degrees in Nutrition and Community Dietetics, from the University of Texas, with an emphasis in therapeutic dietetics, integrative/preventive medicine and public health. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in nutrition and wellness. She is a registered and licensed dietitian and certified in mind/body medicine modalities. Susie co-authored the published article, “Corporate Wellness Trends during a Difficult Economy and Strategies to Keeping Programs Thriving” SCAN-Wellness-CV Connection Newsletter. She was primary author of the published article, “Nutrition Is the Core of Rehabilitation” for Rehab Management Journal. Susie is a native Houstonian and lives in the greater Houston area.

10:45AM-11:00AM (Break)

Participate in a fitness energizer

11:00AM-11:30AM (The Power Of Y- Master Your Mission)

Priya Lakhi, JD
Chief Operating Officer
Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies


German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, “he who has a why can endure any how.”  Knowing our why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite us and create a life we enjoy living (versus merely surviving!).  Indeed, only when we know our ‘why’ will we find the courage to take the steps needed to get ahead, stay motivated when the chips are down, and move our life onto an entirely new and more rewarding trajectory.

In this presentation, we are going to change the way we think about goal setting. We will discuss the 3 most important questions to ask ourselves in order to determine our purpose and master our mission. This exercise will change the way we plan our lives and see our goals. It’ll change the way we approach our careers, missions and our WHY.

Prior to focusing her passion on health and wellbeing as a senior executive with Alyfe, Priya was a litigation lawyer. Priya served time as a senior trial attorney for the Georgia Capital Defender Office and was a fellowship attorney with the International Legal Foundation in Nepal. She also spent time as a trial attorney for the Legal Aid Society. Priya has been a professor of law at Roger Williams University and adjunct professor of law at Emory University.  She received her J.D. from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and her B.A. from The Ohio State University.