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Making it personal



The key to engagement is to have a program that is personalized to meet unique needs. The Alyfe platform provides a dynamic experience for every individual. To create this experience for users, we collect their well-being objectives and health risks. This enables the system to provide specific resources that include onsite and vendor-partner activities.


Based on individual interests and our proprietary Personal Health Assessment, participants receive a tailored portal experience.


Our two decades of experience administering biometrics gives you the confidence to deliver well-coordinated meaningful events.

Strategic Account Management

We do the heavy-lifting for you to be sure all your well-being initiatives are connected. Our professionals help you manage everything from incentives, ongoing engagement campaigns, champion development and more!



Inspiring Action



Engagement Campaigns

Several different campaigns that are branded for you, provide a consistent engaging opportunity for individuals to discover what’s available.


We can support your outcomes or participation designs and give you the ongoing advice to continually engage your culture.


In addition to our broad searchable database, we provide health information in easy-to-use formats featuring videos and quizzes. 


By keeping the program fun, engaging, and easy to participate, people can more easily adapt healthy habits and stay motivated. Keeping the incentive structure simple and easy, and relative to your company’s culture, makes the whole program come together. Alyfe’s Account Management provides guidance and support throughout your program to be sure your program stays fresh year-over-year and builds your culture of health foundation.


Empowering Change



At the heart of our behavior change programs is the practice of guiding people in understanding the “y” in their lives. However you interact with our coaches, we meet each participant where they are on their well-being journey, supporting them to make lasting behavior changes. Whether supporting individual interests or helping employees find a reasonable alternative, our coaches are here to support each employee live life “all in.”

Virtual or Onsite

No matter what modality, at the heart of our lifestyle coaching is the intent to guide people in understanding the "y" in their lives; helping them to identify health risks, set goals and develop personalized strategies that empower them to achieve the results they are seeking.

Health Adviser

A short 15-minute introduction to get participants excited about moving ahead on their lifestyle goals is all it takes to increase engagement in all your programs.


Our self-paced programs support cognitive behavioral learning for independent learners and are a great way to support lifestyle change in-between live coaching sessions.


Whether it’s to connect your device for activities or track changes on everyday habits or biometrics, the portal provides ongoing opportunities to see how you’re doing.

Tobacco Free

Whether part of a comprehensive program, or as a stand-alone initiative, our coaches can support your workplace smoke-free initiative



Igniting Cultures




With over 30 titles across all areas of well-being, the program stays fresh year-over-year.


Our workplace experts are your boots-on-the-ground to carry out well-being initiatives from one-on-one coaching to general promotion, creating a strong culture of health.

Worksite Champions

We provide ready-to-use materials to make your wellness champion’s job easier. Everything from email templates, bulletin boards, and presentations.


Just like each person is different, so is each workplace culture – and both need ongoing care and feeding. Being able to appeal to different learning styles and having multiple access points for individuals to learn about healthy habits for them is vital. Whether it’s self-paced digital content or onsite events, there should be something for everyone.