At Alyfe, we are proud of our heritage in nutrition and onsite wellness programming. Over the years, we’ve expanded our expertise to include integrated capabilities for improving wellbeing, but nutrition remains a core competency and a key part of all our programming.

Today, Alyfe empowers individuals in all aspects of their wellbeing and can do so onsite, online or telephonically. We deploy the strategy, programming and tools that are best for you. We align our expertise with your specific program goals and population to ensure you get just what you need to be successful.

Alyfe’s Personal Health Assessment (PHA) delivers an overview of your population’s health status and habits, while providing individuals with a starting point for their journey to improved wellbeing.


Clinically Sound

Our PHA was developed and reviewed by clinicians with extensive backgrounds in health promotion and primary care. It integrates questions from the Framingham Heart Study (American Heart Association), the Centers for Disease Control, United States Preventive Studies Task Force (USPTSF), Prochaska and Clemente’s Stages of Change, and other reputable clinical resources.

Easy to Complete

Despite covering a broad range of health risks and areas for improvement, our PHA is simple and easy to complete. It accommodates different reading levels and learning abilities and can be taken in 10-12 minutes.

Scored for Improvement

Based on an individual’s responses to PHA questions, we generate a user-friendly score (on a traditional 100 point scale) that puts health risks in clear view. We explain what the score means and how to improve. We also offer an action plan that helps participants understand next steps, while serving up links to appropriate tools and resources.

Robust Reporting

Our robust reporting gives you the ability to compare year over year improvement and drill down on specific health risks across your population, such as tobacco use and obesity.

Why It's Better

Efficient Design

Our PHA is half the length of traditional assessments. We have significantly reduced the number of questions while not sacrificing our ability to get all the information we need from participants. This enhances the user experience and dramatically improves completion rates.

Flexible Delivery

We can customize our questionnaire and deliver assessments electronically, via paper or even telephonically based on your specific needs. We can deliver our PHA standalone or in conjunction with biometric screenings, while offering support in English and Spanish.

Dynamic Scoring

This is not a one-time assessment. As individuals change their habits, they can reassess to improve their wellness score throughout the year. You can see in real time how your population is progressing.

Alyfe’s health screenings bring more insight and accuracy to the table when assessing the health and wellbeing of your population.


Comprehensive Service

Alyfe’s health screening capabilities offer powerful insights and personalized support. Alyfe tests for a wide range of health risks, including:

● Total cholesterol
● HDL (High-density Lipoprotein, good cholesterol)
● LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein, bad cholesterol)
● Total Cholesterol to HDL Ratio
● Blood Glucose Levels
● Medical Waist Circumference
● Body Mass Index
● Blood Pressure

Tailored Support

Our screenings are expertly tailored to fit your unique needs, specific health metrics and integration with other programs and data sources. Alyfe provides fasting or non-fasting fingerstick health screenings.

In addition to onsite screenings, we can also manage data collection from physician offices, home kits, or through our national partnership with Labcorp.

Extended Coaching

Alyfe also offers extended coaching sessions at the end of our screening events to capture the teachable moment with our participants. We can sign individuals up for further coaching support, direct them to other wellness programs you offer, and help them complete a personal health assessment.

Integrated Data

Our screening results are uploaded to our wellbeing portal. We can seamlessly enter data into a participant’s account and can accept data from external sources, including physician offices, third-party laboratories, and home kits.

Specialized Testing

● Cotinine Testing
● HgA1c

Why It's Better

Turnkey Approach

We manage scheduling, promotion, set up, administration, clean up and reporting. The only thing you have to do is say “go”. We take care of the rest.

Superior Experience

Alyfe’s screenings are managed and delivered by an in-house team. Our highly trained and caring professionals provide personalized attention to ensure that every participant has a smooth screening and receives the support they need to pursue improved wellbeing.

Faster Results

From scheduling to deploying the latest technology for more rapid processing of test results, we get employees assessed, educated and back to work quickly with minimal disruption to your business.

Incentives will play a critical role in the success of your wellbeing solutions. Alyfe can design and administer an incentive program that engages your population with healthy rewards.

Customized Approach

Alyfe executes a completely tailored strategy based on your population and its unique needs. We design programs that work best for you, based on your budget, incentive types (gift cards, recognition, premium incentives, health account deposits, etc.), specific wellbeing goals, population demographics and past incentive results.

Real Time Rewards

We can award points for just about any type of activity or event. Participants can track and view their tasks and points all in real time. Points can be awarded immediately upon completion of activities on the site. All incentive activity is seamlessly integrated into our health and wellness portal and available for client reporting.


Why It's Better

Dynamic Delivery

Leveraging our detailed reporting capabilities, we consistently reassess to make sure our approach is on track and meeting the needs of your population. Where necessary, we will change course to improve your performance. We also routinely compare our recommendations with the latest industry research and published best practices to ensure a winning strategy is in play for you.

Turnkey Administration

We fully execute your incentive program down to the level of responding to specific questions from participants about point redemption. From program design to redemption to reporting, no other vendor will make incentive management as hands free for you as Alyfe.

Specialized Capabilities

Alyfe can help guide your incentive choices to ensure compliance with ERISA and HIPAA regulations and secure file transfers for easy delivery of earned rewards. We also provide you with communication plans for promoting your incentive programming across your population.

Alyfe’s wellbeing portal serves as an integrated hub for all your program activities, a central location for engaging your population and bringing everyone together for improved wellbeing.


Our portal includes key functionality such as personal health assessments, tools, trackers, and other resources and programs such as videos and quizzes. Social networking capabilities allow users to interact with other users by posting comments, questions, pictures, etc. on wellbeing topics of interest.


Each individual receives a personalized experience with our portal. Based on PHA results and specific goals, each person will have a unique online journey. Our wide range of tools, coupled with an extensive health library of more than 7,000 evidence-based articles, allow us to provide the right information and support for each individual.


Our portal offers you a single, integrated access point to manage your entire wellbeing program. You can administer challenges, manage incentives, track progress and conduct online workshops.


Why it's better

Coaching Connections

Alyfe’s online coaching offers real connections to coaches. Individuals can email their coaches and get messages back. They can click to ask a question of a dietitian or trainer and get a response within two days. Many providers use technology to shield themselves from interactions with individuals. We use technology to more effectively connect with your population.

Cutting Edge Updates

Unlike typical portals that are only updated once or twice a year, Alyfe improves our solution on a regular basis. We average a new feature release every 60 days, so we’re always quick to respond to industry trends, best practices and user preferences. We also regularly update our educational content to align with monthly observances and to maintain compliance with federal regulations.

Flexible Technology

Our portal can be configured for your specific population and preferences. We can private label the portal and feature your branding. We can seamlessly integrate with your company’s intranet, including single sign on (SSO). Our portal will also integrate with popular tracking devices (i.e. Fitbit) and is available via a mobile app as well.

Getting employees hooked on healthy habits by first appealing to their competitive spirit is a very effective strategy. Alyfe can host a variety of nutritional, fitness and other wellbeing challenges, all delivered within your wellbeing portal.

Choose Your Adventure

Alyfe offers a wide range of wellbeing challenges, including walking, exercise, steps tracking, stress, weight, and nutrition. We can organize these as individual competitions, or we can create even more fun with team-oriented challenges. You can leverage our existing inventory of competitive scenarios, or engage us to create a custom challenge that is specific to your organization’s interests or needs.

Based on the Best

All our challenges are benchmarked against national guidelines and best practices. The length of our competitions, how we engage participants and our target goals are all derived from our experience, coupled with other leading experts in the field.

Reporting in Real Time

Individuals will be able to see a real-time graph and visual readout of their progress toward their goals and how they (or their team) are comparing to others. Aggregate reports will be delivered to you as a client so you can monitor participation rates and how your population is engaged.

Why It's Better

Personalized Approach

Our challenges can be altered to address specific populations or worksites. Need to adjust a walking challenge for call center employees? We offer complete customization opportunities, from goals to rewards to communications and branding to frequency of challenges.

Integrated Delivery

Our challenges are tied to your wellbeing portal to ensure alignment with overall wellbeing goals and other supportive resources. We track activity and ensure timely updates to each individual’s account. We also integrate with your incentive structure to drive more participation. We see a lot of challenges that are “bolted on” using a third party solution. With Alyfe, the process is seamless.

Sustained Engagement

We provide marketing support for your team to effectively promote each challenge to your population. Additionally, each challenge is accessible via mobile devices as well as the health and wellness portal. Our message boards keep the competitive juices flowing as well.

Alyfe’s onsite programming brings your wellbeing program to life with a series of engaging events, including fitness classes, cooking demos and educational sessions for stress and nutrition.


Lunch ‘n Learns

We can provide a wide range of educational presentations for your organization. All of our presentations equip your employees with handouts or a workbook for future reference. Our presentation library includes the following topics, but we also can build custom presentations for your population.

●Eating Healthy On a Budget
●Fad Diets
●Family Wellbeing Series
●Fit Fitness into Your Busy Day
●Getting Active Together
●Goodness Gracious Whole Grains
●Manage Stress Before it Manages You
●Matters of the Heart
●Mindful eating
●Packing a Healthy Lunch
●Portion Distortion
●Raising a Healthy Eater
●Sleep Well- Be Well
●The Power of…
●Virtual Grocery Store Tour
●Wellbeing Series

Onsite Fitness

Alyfe provides a range of onsite fitness classes to get your population moving, including: Zumba, Dance-Fit, Yoga and Strictly Strength.

Weight Loss at Work

One of our flagship capabilities, this onsite program leverages evidence-based research that illustrates how to tap into emotional, nutritional, and physical activity related behaviors. Classes are led by registered dietitians and offer the information, education and resources needed for people to reverse a lifetime of unhealthy choices and successfully achieve their wellbeing goals.

Special Events

Health Fairs

We can execute all aspects of health fairs, including assuming responsibility for activities such as screening vendors, managing agreements, and coordinating logistics.


Wellbeing Blitz

We put boots on the ground to help you promote your wellbeing programming. We can help kick off your program, support individuals in completing PHAs and generate excitement and engagement.

We can even take the stress out of getting started with your wellbeing program by offering your employees special perks, such as chair massages at work.

Flu Shot Clinics

Our internal RN staff will manage your flu shot clinic in the same turnkey fashion we manage biometric screenings. You provide space to set up, and Alyfe takes care of the rest.

Why It's Better

Unparalleled Experience

We bring two decades of direct experience to the table. Our internal specialists manage all onsite programming to ensure our high standards are being delivered during each and every event. Most health and wellness providers rely on third party partnerships for onsite events. With Alyfe, it’s a core competency.

Customized Programming

We can manage multiple class types and multiple locations, tailored to fit your population. For example, corporate employees often require different support than call center staffs or field-based staff such as sales people, drivers or plant workers. We create the right mix of events and education and can develop a specific curriculum for you based on a desired concentration (i.e. diabetes, nutrition, etc.).

Hands-Free Administration

Alyfe takes care of all the details and logistics for your onsite programs. We handle all scheduling duties, and facilitate required paperwork for workers compensation, including consent forms and term agreements. We conduct quality audits and surveys for each class, and we report weekly about satisfaction and engagement.

With Alyfe’s lifestyle coaching, we deliver personalized support to overcome health risks and improve wellbeing. Our coaches are highly skilled at meeting individuals where they are and guiding them to a better place.

Compassionate and Skilled Coaches

Our coaches live to care for others. They approach each call with empathy, compassion and authentic concern. All of our coaches are highly credentialed and experienced. And we specifically certify our team in lifestyle coaching (i.e. motivational interviewing, stages of change theory, etc.) in addition to their core clinical competencies.

Whole-Person Approach

Through our lifestyle coaching, we support people in their emotional, physical and environmental aspects of health. In other words, we care for the whole person. The goal is to help participants increase readiness and gain confidence to make lasting changes for improved wellbeing. Focus areas for our coaching sessions include physical activity, healthy eating, weight management, tobacco cessation, sleep management and stress management.

Science-Based Support

Alyfe coaches deploy cognitive behavioral strategies, such as SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goal setting, to encourage self-efficacy, self-monitoring and the identification of support sources. Through open-ended questions, affirmative statements, reflective listening skills and summarizations we effectively nudge participants towards improved wellbeing and sustainable behavior change.


Why It's Better

Flexible Design

Alyfe can deliver lifestyle coaching by phone or in person. We can successfully execute either delivery mode (or a mixture of both) regardless of an organization’s size. We also can adjust duration and/or intensity of coaching sessions based on client needs.

Strategic Engagement

Before we dive into coaching for specific health risks, we earn the trust of participants. We build rapport. We establish motivation for change and understand what makes each individual tick. Once we’ve laid the groundwork for behavioral change, our coaches empower individuals to achieve improved wellbeing.

Integrated Delivery

Our coaches are integrated into your wellbeing programming. We are able to route individuals to other resources and use tools within your portal to help individuals take their next steps. Whether answering questions via email or enrolling individuals in a specific program, our coaches are plugged in for seamless support.

This personalized wellbeing experience empowers employees to identify their own possibilities within the 5 Elements of Wellbeing.

The Roots

Over the last 20 years, Alyfe has been working on the development of a one-of-a-kind lifestyle program that addresses the scope and severity of chronic disease. Through the integration of hundreds of scientific studies and research with thousands of participants and an expert team of clinicians, Alyfe’s signature True You Wellbeing Empowerment Program emerges as a transformational and revolutionary 12-session onsite program led by a registered dietitian.

Purpose Driven

Your ‘Why’ is your most important asset. When you are working toward things that inspire you, you feel more alive. It’s about being connected with what you’re passionate about and focusing your attention on endeavors that light your fire. Focusing on each of the 5 Elements of Wellbeing and knowing how each is integrated, allows your ‘Why’ to become that much more powerful.

The Wellbeing Journey

Wellbeing can mean many different things to different people and True You is designed to meet participants wherever they are in their personal wellbeing journey. A unique and supportive group atmosphere will encourage participants to explore how the 5 Elements of Wellbeing are interrelated, making the connection between their health and lifestyle choices.


Why It's Better

Integrated Approach

True You’s integrated and personalized path empowers participants to live with greater vitality.  Employees don’t need an assessment to tell them they are unhealthy and they don’t need better signage in the cafeteria pointing them to fruits instead of cookies. What they need is an invitation and a compassionate environment where they can take charge of their life, set meaningful goals, and find their purpose.


During each step of True You, participants use their wellbeing journal to reflect on how far they have progressed, understand the barriers they have overcome, and how these improvements have impacted their lives.


Participants complete two biometric screenings at the start and end of the program and engage with a Registered Dietitian 1:1 at various points throughout the program.  These checkpoints not only allow for Alyfe to use our robust reporting capabilities but allow participants to receive specific coaching and monitoring on goals set at the start of the program.