3 Steps to Developing a Culture of Wellbeing

Remember the story of the 3 little pigs? In the story, a trio of pigs decide to build houses to escape their nemesis, The Big Bad ...

Accentuate the Positive

You can’t always choose what happens to you, but we can always choose how we feel about it. A traffic jam is a great example of how different people can choose to feel differently about the same situation. Crawling along, Chilled out Holly, is listening to music, thinking about her day and the plans she […]

Ways to Energize Disengaged Employees (Part 2)

In our last blog, we discussed ways to understand disengaged employees. Here, we talk about what’s missing for our disengaged colleagues and how to re-engage them.   Communication Disengaged employees often have the talent and skill set to excel, but don’t feel like their voices are being heard. Managers must ask questions so they can find […]

Understanding Disengaged Employees – Part 1

Disengaged employees can cost up to $550 billion every year in the US alone in a combination of increased rates of absenteeism and low productivity.  That’s not “just a few extra dollars.” By comparison, those companies that have high levels of engaged employees have 22 percent higher profitability than their less engaged counterparts and 10 […]

10-minute Mindfulness Meditation To Do at Your Desk!

In our last blog post, Take 10 Minutes for Mindfulness, we talked about the benefits of 10 minutes of quiet meditation a day. Below are instructions for a simple meditation that you can do at your desk, in the morning/evening or even sitting out on the patio on a beautiful spring day. There is no […]

Take 10 Minutes for Mindfulness

No matter how busy you think your life is, you definitely have 10 minutes a day to spare. Yes, the emails won’t stop, and the phone keeps ringing. All the while, the stress levels seem to be creeping up. But there is a way to find quiet in the noise of every day life. Mindfulness […]

5 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Health!

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house.  Its a perfect time to refresh your body, mind and spirit! After the cold of winter is finally gone, use the change of season to set a routine that revitalizes your body, brings new life to your home and creates more joy in your life. Of course, a […]

Is Happiness the Purpose of Life?

One must practice the thing which produces happiness, since if that is present we have everything and if it is absent we do everything in order to have it. — Epicurus While happiness is an emotion felt in the here and now, it ultimately fades away, just as all emotions do: positive affect and feelings […]

Health Coaching — More Than a Job!

Coaching is more than an occupation.  For the most dedicated, it’s a calling — a calling to assist others in living the full measure of their lives.  Its an opportunity to hold space for hope, for resilience, for transformation. It’s a chance to earn the trust of another being, while the coach helps to create […]

Is there room for spirituality in the workplace?

Increasingly more employees and managers seem to be seeking a more spiritual connection at one of the biggest parts of their lives — their jobs.  Spirituality is the basic feeling of being connected with one’s complete self, others and the entire universe. It’s not about bringing religion into the office or requiring that employees chant […]

Is 2018 the year of Employee Financial Wellbeing Programs?

A majority of Americans are entering the month of February with more holiday bills racked up than they expected. Financial health doesn’t just impact an employee’s home life. Financial stress can take its burden in the workplace too. How does this financial stress impact your team’s health and productivity? Financial stress kills productivity. Bank of […]