People are craving connection


Blog provided by Priya Lakhi, Wellbeing Officer for Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies

Recently, as the Wellbeing Officer for Alyfe, I spoke in front a packed house about the power of gratitude AND how to bring it into the workplace. I was honored to present at the Health Action Council Annual Symposium in Columbus, Ohio. I shared how appreciation and respect is a better motivator than money! How active gratitude makes people feel better physically, emotionally, psychologically – not just at work, but in life. Ultimately, a happiness advantage means more engaged employees…and that’s the only way to impact the bottom line.

When someone feels unappreciated for what they are doing, the chances are greater that they will do the bare minimum (just enough to keep their job) than someone who feels appreciated.

The great thing about gratitude is that the benefits can be enormous, while the cost is minimal. It takes little time and effort to let someone know they are appreciated.

As 300 HR professionals and benefits administrators sat listening, I knew I was on to something. People were “in it.” Connection isn’t over rated. People are craving it. After my talk, so many leaders came up to me to say “wow, how did I forget that authentic gratitude is so powerful in sales, in customer service and in workplace culture?” Researchers define appreciation as the act of acknowledging the goodness in life—in other words, seeing the positives in events, experiences, or other people (like our colleagues). Gratitude goes a step further: It recognizes how the positive things in our lives—like a success at work—are often due to forces outside of ourselves, particularly the efforts of other people.

As a speaker who wants to bring value, it is important to me to create a ripple effect. I want to impact not just those attending the presentation, but the team they work with, manage and even their families. When we impact one person, we have the power to impact entire generations. Everyone single one of us at Alyfe does not take this mission lightly.

Gratitude seems to sell itself as an effective way to increase job satisfaction, engagement and productivity. Even though it’s a simple concept, there are still many elements to consider when implementing a gratitude initiative. However, gratitude is worth practicing in the workplace even without a full-fledged implementation plan. A well-placed thank-you can make a big difference, and the more organizations that realize and support that, the better.

How about starting your monthly meeting by going around the room and having everyone express one thing they are grateful for? Or start a gratitude book for the office that everyone could write in to thank others or mention something good that has happened at work or at home. Discuss ways that you can make gratitude an important theme at your workplace.

One challenge is making gratitude part of the very fabric of the organization. It must be more than lip service; employees will be able to sense the difference. What is the best practice to do that? Alyfe Wellbeing can help you answer this question and more. Click here and our strategic solutions team will reach out to you to get started with these answers.

At Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies, we design and execute purpose-driven comprehensive well-being programs that help organizations understand the importance of culture and environment to impact the human behind the number to attain a positive ROI and VOI.

For more information about Health Action Council and what they do, see here.