5 traits of an awesome strategic account manager

Why are some well-being programs consistently successful while others struggle?

This question is something we ponder a lot at Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies. One thing we know for sure? Our clients LOVE our strategic account managers who hold all the pieces together and are the boots on the ground. We believe this “secret sauce” of white-glove service, active co-creation of well-being initiatives, and a passion for high-performance habits makes our strategic account managers some of the best in the industry.

Admittedly, managing accounts isn’t for everyone. It can be stressful, hectic and frustrating. But its so worth it. At their core, an awesome account manager has a passion for people, a calling for the mission of well-being, and a drive to make a difference in the world. At Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies, even when the going gets tough, our strategic account mangers express gratitude they have the opportunity to help lead our clients to success!

5 traits of an AWESOME well-being account manger!

1. COMMUNICATE – This is key. By the way, listening is just as important as communicating. Set a process, be organized, follow through and keep the lines open. Our job is to be present and available for clients no matter what the request or when they request it. When a client reaches out, every response should be helpful, timely and thoughtful. Clients rely on us. Period.

2. FORM RELATIONSHIPS – Build trust. It matters. Get to know the client, the culture and the goals. Be the one that everyone knows is putting blood, sweat and tears into making the program work. Then, no matter what, as you are impeccable with your word, the integrity of the process is never questioned.

3. CARE  – Believe in hard work and high standards. Unfailing honesty and accountability. If it’s important to your client, it’s important to you. Nothing is more vital to any successful relationship then feeling like the other person just “gets you.”

4. PIVOT – Be alert. Be quick to understand any issues as they arise and pivot when necessary. Use your experience to make a difference. Work with ease and bring value always. Clients are expecting greatness, so be ready to deliver.

5. ANTICIPATE NEEDS –  Don’t just do what’s needed. We encourage each of our account managers to stay up-to-date with the well-being industry. We want to bring ideas to the table that take your well-being program to the next level, not just status quo. There is always room for growth and new ideas. The real magic is outside the comfort zone.

 Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies helps your organization and the individuals you serve achieve well-being goals. Our promise is health, happiness, and high impact. Want to meet with one of our AWESOME strategic account mangers? Set up a call. We can’t wait to connect with you!