Accentuate the positive

You can’t always choose what happens to you, but we can always choose how we feel about it.

A traffic jam is a great example of how different people can choose to feel differently about the same situation.

Crawling along, Chilled out Holly, is listening to music, thinking about her day and the plans she wants to make for the weekend. And she is feeling happy and grateful that she even has the money to cook dinner for the kids.  All is well, this too shall pass. This traffic jam gives me time to pause and let go of the stress of the day.

Driving right in front of her is Debbie Downer. She’s also thinking about her day, what she wants to do for the weekend and even what she wants to have for dinner. However, she’s frustrated, angry and unhappy. I hate this drive! Why does this always happen to me? Why can’t people just drive!

So what’s the difference? Its a matter of perspective. If you can experience the traffic jam with peace and gratitude when you’re in a tough situation, that is a result of being in connection with your purpose in life. 

The feeling calm, peace and gratefulness is the difference between striving to thriving.  On the other hand, feeling angry and frustrated might be an indication that you have forgotten the perspective of just how life IS working in your favor.  That you are perfect and whole, just the way you are.  

Peace or worry. Gratitude or anger. It’s your choice. 

We’re not here to invalidate the negative emotions, but we do believe that if we can change our perception, AKA our thoughts, we can change our life. 

“As long as you are feeing inspired, your life is being well spent.” – Hugh MacLeod

 If you want to learn more about how Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies is focusing on “wellness to wholeness” – please reach out. We are so excited to share our positive perspective.