5 ways to spring-clean your health

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house.  Its a perfect time to refresh your body, mind and spirit!

After the cold of winter is finally gone, use the change of season to set a routine that revitalizes your body, brings new life to your home and creates more joy in your life.

Of course, a good decluttering of your house and physical space helps with starting afresh! And don’t forget to open the windows of each room to let the old air circulate!

Here are some steps to up-level your body, mind and spirt!

1. Get outside — and stay there!

When the weather gets warmer, simply getting out of the house can be beneficial. You don’t have to be active, just enjoying time on the patio with family and friends does wonders for your stress and for your health!

And being in the sun (with sunscreen and for a short period of time), gives our body just the right dose of Vitamin D which helps to prevent everything from heart disease to certain types of cancer. REMEMBER — no more than 10 minutes a day of unprotected sun exposure.

2. Choose in-season, local produce

Seasonal produce offers more savings and more flavor! It also helps to support local farmers. Spring is the perfect time to try nature’s bounty, and to taste some new nutritious produce in your diet. Shopping at your local farmer’s market is also a great family-friendly weekend activity!

3. Sleep your way to health

With the days getting longer, its much easier for us to ignore our sleep routine. I mean, its so nice out, right? But, prioritizing good sleep is vital to your overall health. For the average adult, the aim is eight to nine hours of sleep a night. Remember, your bedroom needs to be dark and quiet. And if you want, try a guided meditation for 5 minutes as you crawl into bed to encourage a restful nights sleep.

4. You are what you think

The new season is a great time to evaluate some of the unhealthy thoughts that may no longer serve you. Stop negative judgments towards yourself. Look at ways to increase positive self-talk. While negative body image can play a bigger role as we move into swimsuit season, remember that our thoughts become our reality. Be mindful of what you think — and see yourself with love and compassion.

5. Focus on the future and build your community

The spring is a great time to plan some weekend trips for the summer, or even a family potluck in the backyard. Commit to your goal of swimming once a week. Start a book club. Our social connections help uplift us in every area of life. If we feel connected to the world around us, we are more likely to feel loved and supported. In turn, we are able to face even life’s challenges with a smile on our face.

So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these tips today and get ready for the patio weather, good times and good friends!

All of us at Alyfe Wellbeing would love to hear your tips for a “spring cleaning!” And, we just saw a peak of the sunshine from our desk — hmmm…its making us want ice cream!