Health coaching - more than just a job!

Coaching is more than an occupation.  For the most dedicated, it’s a calling — a calling to assist others in living the full measure of their lives.  Its an opportunity to hold space for hope, for resilience, for transformation. It’s a chance to earn the trust of another being, while the coach helps to create the construction of their clients dreams.

So, what traits do we want to seek in our health coaches?  How do we help to cultivate our best potential as coaches?

1.   The Whole Person
A great coach knows that an holistic approach is the best approach.   Combining body, mind, spirit and community — a coach is able to help a client find purpose that is integrative.  Given that each client (and each session) is different, there is never going to be one way to solve a puzzle.

2.  Passion
In order to be of service, we must be passionate about empowering others.  A health coach has the ability to tap into someone’s potential and inspire them to take action.  The best way to build this trusting relationship is if the client feels like the coach is truly invested in their health.  Real passion can’t be faked.  When the client feels the coach is truly engaged in their health,  that leads to motivation and inspiration.

3.  Accountability
Offering clients a means and model for accountability can make the difference in success.  A great health coach communicates clear and easy to understand milestones for each client. They also anticipate and come up with a game plan outlining any potential pitfalls that may arise (in and out of the workplace).  With a gentle nudge (or tug if needed), a great coach can customize accountability strategies based on the client’s need and personality.  This approach allows co-creation and encourages the client to take responsibility for their own health.  After all, long after the health coach is gone, the ultimate goal is to create intrinsic behavior change.

4.  Growth
The field of health coaching is continuous learning opportunity.  A great coach is invested in their own growth as much as thy are in their client’s.  A health coach has to strike the perfect balance between evidence-based science and being a good listener.  With so many fields of study involved, a health coach with an open mind to learn and create will be sure to find their clients changing lives.

At Alyfe Wellbeing, we are amazed at the dedication, passion and talent of our health coaches.  Thank you to our entire team coaches.  You inspire and motivate each of us through your actions!