Is there room for spirituality in the workplace?

Increasingly more employees and managers seem to be seeking a more spiritual connection at one of the biggest parts of their lives — their jobs.  Spirituality is the basic feeling of being connected with one’s complete self, others and the entire universe.

It’s not about bringing religion into the office or requiring that employees chant mantras at their workstations. Rather the workplace spirituality movement is an attempt to create a sense of meaning and purpose at work –  and a connection between the company and its people.

A deep sense of connection and belonging is an irresistible need of all people. We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to connect and to belong. When those needs are not met, we don’t function as we were meant to. We pride ourselves on our independence, on pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, having a successful career and above all not depending on anyone. But, as as science has repeatedly stressed, the truth of the matter is that a sense of social connection is one of our fundamental human needs.

Spirituality in the workplace may manifest itself in several ways, but at two different levels: the personal and the organizational.   Research suggests that the encouragement of spirituality in the workplace can lead to benefits that embrace the employee at work, and at home.

So how does spirituality support our work?

Community: When your team feels connected, they are far more likely to sustain healthy habits at work and home.

  • How can you help? Just listening is a good start. When you show you are a true listener, others are more inclined to open up to you. Make time even when you don’t seem to have it. Don’t be judgemental. And be sure to your willing to share your own experiences too.

Emotional health:  Spirituality can help us so that we can turn our emotional compass into an ally instead of a foe, making being productive and creative a lot easier.

  • How can you help? Negatives thoughts spread fast, and they only bring pain and drain of energy. Try your best to view others with positive words. When something has gone wrong, analyze it and move forward. No one is perfect. Enable your team to let go of negativity by setting the example.

Mindset and practice: Even with all the knowledge and tools to become healthier, happier individuals, it is often our mindset and daily practices that will be the strongest guiding force to carry us through our health journey.

  • How can you help? Create a meditation practice. Set aside the same time 3 days a weeks for employees to gather to be still. To move gently. To breathe. It doesn’t have to be fancy or formal. Meditation provides the release from stress that allows your team to function from peak efficiency.

Purpose: A life of meaning and purpose, a life in balance with connection, community,  support, and a sense of empowerment, are essential for health. Why are you here? What is your calling? Understanding your purpose and sharing our unique gifts allows us to unleash our creative energy, embrace our quirks, and tap into joyful living.

  • How can you help? From the top to the bottom, make sure everyone understands the big picture. Engage them in the strategic planning process. Ask employees how their gifts can help achieve business goals. Tap hidden talents even if outside of the traditional role of the job description. Encourage small experiments.

When we incorporate spirituality based practices as a leadership philosophy, we unlock the purpose and ingenuity of those around us, resulting in higher performance and engaged, fulfilled employees.

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