Wholeness is the new wellness

From all of us at Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies, we want to wish you a Happy New Year!

Another year ends and we move into a new year with excitement and dreams! We hope that your 2018 is off to a great start, filled with love, happiness and positivity.

2017 was a great year for us at Alyfe! I would like to share a couple of learnings from our Alfye team.

First, we spent deliberate time in 2017 remembering we cannot take the “mind” out of the equation of great health for ourselves as a team and also in the wellness strategies we offer our clients.

We focused on building solutions that incorporate a healthy physical and emotional body. It runs hand in hand and enables us to become whole in our approach to optimal health.

This past year at Alyfe, we strengthened our approach to meaningfully incorporate mindfulness in the following areas:

  • balanced nutrition

  • adequate sleep

  • quality exercise

  • emotional detoxification

  • community building

  • mindset manifestation

  • financial abundance

We encouraged growing in each of these areas a little each day to enable the intelligence and brilliance of our mind and body to blossom! If we want to truly change our life, we must first change our mind.

As a team at Alyfe, we also practiced emotional detoxification. All of us go through ups and down. No one can escape the difficult times. However, we do have control over the attitude we choose to use when confronted with a less than ideal set of circumstances.

Many of us cleanse our bodies with detox diets, but when was the last time we did an emotional detox?

After all, living in our fast-paced, sometimes overwhelming world can take an emotional toll. In varying degrees, the pain and suffering we experience can be toxic to our vital life force…if we don’t let it out! We look forward to sharing our offerings around this valuable skill set in 2018!

At Alyfe, here are our 2018 resolutions:

Let’s summon our greatest powers to move our lives forward.
Let’s remember that we are here to be of service to our clients with passion, strategy, resilience and positivity.  
Let’s demand the best of ourselves.
Let’s thrive in the fulfillment of creating a better world.
Let’s Transform Lives.  Every Single Day!
“Wholeness is the new Wellness.”   That’s the mission for Alyfe 2018!

We can’t wait to level up this year as individuals, as a team of compassionate colleagues – and as your well-being partner and strategist.

Happy New Year!

Kay Lakhi
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies