What's your "why" ? – Kendra Conrad

Unlike animals, which are driven simply to survive, we humans crave more from life than mere survival. Without answering the question, ‘Survival for the sake of what?,’ we can quickly become distracted and filled with a quiet sense of despair. There is an alarming increase in the rates of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide. Likewise, a quick glance at employee engagement statistics points to a crisis of purpose and meaning on an unprecedented scale. Though we may be wealthier today than at any time in history, there is clearly a marked difference between ‘well off’ and ‘well-being.’

What gives your life purpose and meaning?

Every day decisions are made based on what we think about ourselves and the world around us. We are often motivated by something greater than ourselves, which ignites a fire within us and drives our decisions…the power of our why.

Throughout the year we will be highlighting one Alyfe team member to find out more about their “why” and what inspires them.

KENDRA CONRAD, Senior Program Manager, Screenings and Portal 

What drives your life choices and makes you come alive?

When you are working toward things that inspire you, it literally makes you feel more alive… I’m talking about a why that moves up the food chain from being about you, to being about something bigger than you. It’s about connecting with what you’re passionate about and focusing your attention on endeavors that put a fire in your belly.

Well, to be honest I think I struggle often with trying to understand what my why and purpose in life really is. But, what I can say is my family is the main reason that keeps me wanting to be better and do better. On a daily basis they are my why and my purpose. I think this became a bigger realization once I had kids of my own. Family is my top priority and every decision I make includes thinking about them and their needs. I want my kids to have a good example of what it means to live a healthy life. I am far from perfect in living a healthy life, but I feel if I show and teach them the basics they will learn to make healthy decisions for the rest of their lives. Plus, if I live a healthy life I will have a better chance of seeing my kids live out their lives-and there is nothing better than seeing your kids in their success.

What are your innate strengths?

Your element is the point at which natural talent and skill meets personal passion. When people are in their element they are not only more productive, but they add more value and enjoy more personal and professional fulfilment.

I believe I adapt well to what life throws at me. Every day there are new challenges and I try my best to find the positive aspect to the challenge and adapt. I also feel I am a “quiet leader”. Growing up playing sports I was never really the one who was super vocal but I feel I led by example, by others seeing me work hard every day. I feel I am also a true team player. I love working with my co-workers and those around me to help figure out an answer to a problem or finding other solutions.

What makes you passionate about Alyfe and motivates you to come to work each day?

I love the fact that Alyfe has transitioned into the whole person approach to well-being and not focusing on just the nutrition and physical aspect to one’s health. Everyone is unique and has different needs and I feel Alyfe offers programming that allows each and every individual to find their own purpose and wellness journey.

What motivates me to come work each day? Knowing that one phone call, email, challenge, or any program we offer will allow someone to have their ah-ha moment that can change their life forever!

How will you measure your life?

People who don’t stand for something, can easily fall for anything. Deciding how you want to measure your life means making a stand for something and then living your life in alignment with it.

I will measure my life based on how I serve others. I feel I am very fortunate in many aspects of my life and the least I can do is serve others. This is something I am becoming more passionate about, so it is a journey that I am starting and want to continue.

If you had to write a personal mission statement that inspires you to create the life that you want, what would it be?

To live that life I want and not the life that I think others intend me to live.

What’s YOUR “Why?”

Do this exercise for yourself; answer the above questions to find out your personal why. Only when you know your “why”, will you find the courage to take the risks needed to get ahead, stay motivated and move your life onto an entirely new, more challenging and rewarding trajectory.

“He who has a why can endure any how.”   – Friedrich Nietzshce (German Philosopher)