Spreading the love all month at Alyfe

Forget Valentine’s Day.

Alyfe dedicates the entire month of February to celebrating love and connection!

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs provides an explanation for human psychological motivation.  Once someone’s basic needs are met, humans tend to seek and are motivated by love and belonging.  Organizations have an amazing opportunity to provide an environment that not only meets individuals’ basic needs, but also allows for strong human connection and belongingness.

Here at Alyfe, we strive to provide an environment where relationships with our team and clients flourish year-round. We get especially excited when Valentine’s Day approaches. In the past, we’ve dedicated an entire week in February to “Love Week.” This year, we decided to ramp up our game and take it one step further.  The entire month of February we are focusing on connecting with our team members by expressing appreciation for each of our unique talents that make up our amazing team.

Here’s a sneak peek at the activities we are doing during February.

Week 1: Employer Sponsored Chair Massages

We want our team to know how much we appreciate each of them. During week one of Love Month each team member receives a complimentary chair massage from one of our Licensed Massage Therapists.

Week 2: Angel Week

Have you ever heard of Secret Santa?  Angel week is kind of like that.  Each of our team members draws a name of the person for whom they get to be a “secret angel.”  Each day during Angel Week, you get a surprise gift from your “angel.”  Examples of some gifts from last year are poems, chocolates, and words of gratitude and admiration.

Week 3: Canvas Painting

Every so often it’s important to step out of work mode and truly connect as a team.  During week three of Love Month, the entire team is getting some QT together while we each paint a picture at a guided canvas painting class.  We might drink a little wine too, but hey, it’s good for the heart!

Week 4: Angel Reveal and Potluck

Week four of Love Month is a time for us to reflect on everything we did throughout February.  During week four, we will each prepare something for a potluck – love themed of course!  While we enjoy our meal, we will reveal everyone’s angel from week one and share the special gifts we each received.

Feel free to steal some of our Love Month activities for your own organization and spread the love!