Should your company consider a tobacco cessation program?

We all know that using tobacco products can cause serious health issues.  With the rise of e-cigarettes and other various forms of tobacco use, the percent of your employee population using a tobacco products, is probably on the rise.  These employees are not only harming themselves, their actions can affect your business too?  Studies show that if you are a tobacco user, you are more likely to call off of work, an average of 11 more days than a nonsmoker.  Absenteeism from any employee lowers company morale, decreases productivity and increases job stress from the other employees left to pick up the slack.

Most people that use tobacco, want to quit, but don’t know how.  As a company it’s important to support and encourage your employees to lead a healthy lifestyle; whether it’s losing weight, managing stress, or quitting smoking.  So what does a happy, and healthy employee mean to your organization?  It could look like higher productivity levels, less turnaround, or a more engaged culture.

Research shows that the best way for people to quit using tobacco is through evidence-based tobacco cessation technologies and programs.  Tobacco users who take part in cessation programs are more likely to successfully quit than those who attempt quitting on their own.  These programs are led by a certified Health Care Professional trained in tobacco cessation.  These programs are set up to be delivered in many different ways, tailored to your company’s own dynamic and are a great way to engage a portion of your population who want to create a healthy lifestyle but need the extra support.

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