Are health screenings enough to keep your workforce healthy?

Health screening results often come as a surprise to many individuals, especially if they do not participate in regular wellness checkups. But is the awareness that comes with screenings enough to initiate and sustain meaningful changes both for the individual and organization?

While some individuals take action to make positive changes on their own, chances are they will fall off the bandwagon if they do not have a proper support system. That’s why, wellness programs that implement health screenings, but include no post-screening support have little positive impact on employee health or organizational productivity.

For health screenings to have a measurable impact, it is important that workplace wellness programs are comprehensive and capable of addressing problem areas that are identified during the screenings. The following are some guidelines for designing wellness programs that offer post-screening support for employees.

Lifestyle Coaching: Provide employees with physical, emotional, and environmental support through one-on-one coaching sessions with a credentialed and skilled coach. This will increase individuals’ readiness to change and confidence to sustain positive behaviors.

Integrated Programs: Follow a multi-dimensional integrated approach to well-being. For example, programs like Lunch ‘N’ Learns, where a qualified well-being expert provides employees with awareness, information, and advice on a wide range of life-management topics support individuals in a more comprehensive manner than one-dimensional programs like tobacco cessation. Alternately, consider a variety of program activities that complement each other to provide comprehensive support.

Leverage Technology: Encourage employees to use wearable devices and fitness apps for tracking their daily activities. Provide employees with a centralized hub to manage their health data, participate in program activities, and monitor progress. This will enable them to engage throughout the day and take meaningful action for improving their health and well-being on a regular basis.

We are always excited to learn how different companies support their employees in different ways. How does your organization support employees after a health screening? Talk to us. We are listening!