3 things your staff will love about a cooking demo

According to the Centers for Disease Control, chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes account for about 75% of the $2 trillion spent on healthcare. For many companies, healthcare can consume huge portions of corporate profits. It’s no secret that obesity and overall poor nutrition have a major influence over the development of these chronic conditions. Unfortunately, many of your employees may be struggling to find a balance between work, family, and healthy food choices. So what can you do?

Hosting a nutrition education presentation is a great way to attract employees who are already interested in making healthy food choices, but how can you attract those that aren’t quite there? That’s where cooking demos come in. Cooking demos are a fun way to boost employee engagement, teach employees how healthy eating can taste great, and give them the skills to do it themselves. Here are a few things that your staff will love about a cooking demo:

  • Cooking demos teach application skills: Cooking demos go beyond nutrition education. We all know we should make healthy food choices, but some people lack the skills and confidence to experiment with healthy cooking and new foods. Nutrition education is important, but cooking demos provide a more hands on approach to nutrition education that tends to appeal to a wider audience. At Alyfe, we even provide a handout with the recipe and nutrition information on it so our participants can revisit the recipe and try it at home.

  • Cooking demos provide a nice break in the day: We have all experienced an afternoon slump, high stress, or burnout during the long work day. Cooking demos are a fun way to provide your employees with a quick break that will help them feel refreshed and re-focused.

  • Healthy eating can taste great: Many people have simply never been interested in healthy eating because they think it won’t taste good. Sampling make nutrition a key part of your well-being program a healthy recipe at a cooking demo can be just what they need to help change their mind and open them up to a whole new world of healthy eating choices.

While cooking demos are a great way to encourage healthy eating, they are not the only way to motivate your staff. Here are more ideas on how you can make nutrition a key part of your well-being program. As always, we are eager to hear more ideas from you!