Making nutrition a key part of your well-being program

We all know that healthy eating is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. But the food choices your employees make are personal decisions. So how can you use your well-being program to promote healthy eating choices without being too pushy? They key is to keep it fun! Here are some ideas.

Offer cooking demonstrations: Cooking demos are a great way to help employees brush up on cooking skills and introduce them to new healthy foods and how to make them taste great.

Build a worksite garden: Worksite gardens offer employees a chance to get out in the fresh air and work together to grow fruits and vegetables they can all enjoy. Plant foods your employees want and take turns tending the garden. Split the harvest amongst everyone who contributed.

Have a healthy potluck and recipe exchange: Yes, potlucks can be healthy. At your next company pitch-in, encourage employees to bring healthy recipes. Make it a contest and vote on the best healthy recipe. Don’t forget to have everyone bring copies of their recipe and share with the group.

Create a company cookbook: If you can get enough employees on board, have them submit healthy recipes they love to build the cookbook. Take it a step further by having it printed with your company’s logo and distribute it to all of your employees.

Have a dietitian on your team: Registered Dietitians are experts in nutrition. Host a lunch-n-learn and have a dietitian speak on a popular nutrition topic. Dietitians can also meet with your clients one-on-one for health coaching. Alternately, consult with a dietitian about how to improve your workplace to make sure plenty of healthy eating options are available to your employees.

At Alyfe, we follow all of the above suggestions and every one of them has been a great hit with our staff. What fun activities do you follow at your workplace that encourage healthy eating? How has this impacted your staff in terms of participation and engagement? We would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!