Benefits of hosting regular health fairs at work

Corporate health fairs are interactive events designed to educate employees on a wide range of healthcare related products and services associated with medical testing, physical wellness, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle improvement products and/or alternate medicine. They also include preventive health screening services that attendees can take advantage of.

While many companies have experience with hosting health fairs, they are often one-off events that have little long-term impact. In order to benefit fully from health fairs, it is very important for companies to host them regularly and also follow-up on the health fairs for maximum and sustained impact. Here are three reasons why health fairs should become a regular company event.

Raise awareness among new employees: While a one-off health fair can raise awareness and educate your current employees, new employees that regularly come into the organization will have missed out on the opportunity. By hosting health fairs every year, you will be able to accommodate new employees as well and keep your population health-aware as a whole.

Opportunity to become aware of cutting-edge products and services: By hosting regular health fairs, both the organization and employees can stay abreast of the latest products and services available in the industry. This will also enable companies to roll-out updated wellness programs to employees for maximum impact.

Provides insight into changing employee health status: Workplace health fairs can help those employees that do not get regular wellness checks at their doctor’s office to become aware of their baseline health status. By hosting regular health fairs, these employees will be able to keep track of their changing health status through the years.

How often does your company host health fairs? What impact has it had on your employees? How was the feedback? Talk to us about your experience in the comments section.