Attracting and retaining the best minds through well-being programs

There is no doubt that a good wellbeing program can lower health risks in employees, decrease absenteeism and also lower health insurance costs for the companies. However, smart companies are going beyond the traditional reasons and turning wellbeing programs into something more powerful. Wellbeing programs, especially creative, non-traditional ones have become a strong platform for attracting and retaining the best talents in the industry.

While salary remains significantly important, it is no longer the only factor. For many employees, lifestyle benefits have also become an important factor in evaluating the attractiveness of a job offer. This is especially important for the younger generation of workers who prefer a more integrated approach to work and life.

Using your wellbeing program as a recruiting tool can have many advantages.

  • You can shape your organizational culture: The nature of your wellbeing program can shape the culture of your organization and ensure a strong, cohesive workforce that values good health and wellbeing.

  • Engagement is automatic: By attracting people who are already interested in staying healthy, there is less challenge with engaging them in healthy activities.

  • You gain competitive advantage: With a low employee turn-over and the ability to attract and retain talent longer, you will eventually see an increase in productivity and a gain in competitive advantage.

As always, we want to hear your perspective on this issue. How has your wellness program affected recruitment and employee turn-over in your own organization? Let us know in the comments section.