Is your well-being program due for an overhaul?

Your organization has a wellness program and most likely includes all of the offerings that come along with a wellness program: onsite health screenings, flu clinics, corporate challenges, and fitness discounts. Yet, it seems like something is still missing…..ENGAGEMENT!

Low engagement rates for wellness programs is a common problem for many companies. A study by the RAND Corporation estimates that U.S. employers spend upwards of $6 billion a year on programs that reach less than a quarter of their workforce.

So, is your wellness program due for an overhaul? Offering the traditional physical activity and nutrition program may not be what your employees are looking for. Here are some easy ways you can thing about to give your current wellness program the change it may need.

Environment – Make healthy easy. Instead of talking about healthy eating habits and offering classes on better nutrition, change out your vending machines to offer healthy choices. If you have an onsite café, change out your plates to a smaller one so employees are tempted to get less.

  1. Bigger Purpose – Not all employees are motivated by the traditional incentives like gift cards and money but employees are motivated by having a sense of achievement and knowing that they are doing something for a greater purpose. One way to find this is purpose is to take one afternoon a month and allow your employees to volunteer at a local charity.

  2. Positivity – Most wellness programs use a lot of clinical terms such as health risk and disease management but you can easily change these terms to something positive. According to research by leading positive psychologist Barbara Fredrickson with the University of North Carolina, a positive outlook generates creative thinking, builds self-confidence and promotes overall resilience – all qualities necessary for lasting lifestyle changes.

These are just a few ways you can help revamp your efforts for your company wellness program. But the key to remember, just like with any initiative, you need to continue to measure, evaluate the wins and losses of your efforts and make adjustments as needed.

What are your thoughts on the wellness programs offered at your workplace? Are they adequate, underwhelming or top-of-the-line? Does your program need an overhaul? Let us know!