4 ways to encourage healthier food choices at work

Work is where many people spend most of their time; therefore, food available at a person’s workplace often determines what they eat throughout the day. Encouraging healthy food choices will make employees feel supported in their efforts to lead healthier lives and make healthy choices convenient.

Workplace gatherings can promote healthier food choices by following the recommendations put for by the just released 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.   Below are some recommendations on how you can promote healthier food choices at work and use the newly released guidelines to help make sure your changes really to make an impact!

Below are more tips for encouraging healthier food choices.

  • Provide menu and calorie labeling in cafeterias and signs that identify and promote healthy options. The Dietary Guidelines recommend limiting sodium to 2300 mg per day. If you have a cafeteria manager, schedule a meeting with him or her to discuss how cafeteria offerings promote healthy choices that are within the guidelines.

  • Evaluate your vending machines. Many vending machines are stocked with high calorie convenience snack foods that are high in sodium and sugar. But some vending companies are beginning to offer more healthful options and less high-calories convenience snack foods. Consider talking to your vendor about products that have fewer calories, less added sugar, and less sodium. The Dietary Guidelines also recommend avoiding Trans fats (also known as partially hydrogenated fat). Trans fats show up in many convenience snack foods typically found in the vending machine. Make sure you vending options are trans-fat free!

  • It’s nice to reward employees with doughnuts at an early morning meeting every now and then, but this makes healthy choices difficult for employees. Don’t tempt employees by offering unhealthy snacks and beverages during meetings. Instead, show them that you support them in their effort to make healthy choices by bringing a fresh fruit tray with granola and yogurt.

  • Make sure employees have ample time to eat and are allowed to eat away from their desk. Many people skip meals at work or eat at their desk; both of which lead to unhealthy food choices. Some companies have even established a “no eating at your desk” policy.

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