Choosing the right well-being company

Implementing an effective and engaging wellbeing and health promotion program is no easy task.  It takes a lot of time and effort on the part of your organization, unless you have the right partner. Providing a wellbeing program for your employees is an investment and careful consideration should be given when choosing the right wellbeing company.

When selecting a partner to work with, use the following 4 key factors as a guide:

  1. Select a company with the same beliefs and defined objectives. It is important that the partner you are working with be on the same page when it comes to what you want for your employees. Is your goal to improve the overall wellbeing of your employee? Or is it to focus solely on managing high risk factors?

  2. Customize your program. No two employee populations are the same, so why should two programs be the same? The wellbeing company you choose to work with should listen closely to everything there is to know about your population and then tailor programming for a perfect fit.

  3. Engage with a partner who excels in customer service and product delivery. Consulting with the company’s references is key and gives insight of what is like to work with them. Be sure to ask questions about how smoothly implementation of the program went and what type of results were experienced. Was there adequate account management support?

  4. What do you get in return? Reporting should be comprehensive, accurate and give a clear picture of the current risk factors of the employee population, participation statistics and outcomes or results. Did you achieve the goals you both set out to achieve for your population?

At Alyfe Wellbeing strategies, we tailor all of our programming to meet your population where they are.  We pride ourselves on being able to figure out exactly what programming will help us meet the goals we partnered with you to achieve.  Speak to one of our strategists today to get started.