4 benefits of onsite fitness programs

As well-being programs become increasingly popular, it is important to remember the benefits that these programs bring to the table.  With fitness wearables and apps becoming more front and center for the everyday consumer, users want to know how they can utilize their workplace well-being programs to help achieve their goals.  To that end, it is imperative to know how an onsite fitness program can boost your wellness program.

Here are four benefits to offering fitness programs as part of your well-being programming.  Speak to an Alyfe strategist today to find out how we can help your employees find their Y!

Employee Retention – In today’s world a job is more than just a job.  Employees are looking for companies that have an interest in their own health and future.  An onsite fitness program will show current and future employees that the company is invested in their health and wellness.

Increase Productivity – Research has shown that taking breaks throughout the day to exercise will increase an employee’s productivity.  Taking even a 15 minute walk allows the brain to reset, and refocus on the task at hand.

Improve Employee Morale – One of the many benefits of exercising is an increase in endorphins.  This increase leads to a happier moods and decreased stress levels.

Decrease Sick Days and Absenteeism – Employers who have onsite fitness programs show a decrease in the amount sick days taken by employees.  One of the many benefits of exercising is an increased immune system.  Combining an increased employee morale and decreased employees are taking less days and staying focused on work and work demands.