Alyfe /ah-life/

Alyfe is what happens when you find the “y” in life.
It’s transformative.
It’s living to the fullest.
It’s the endless pursuit of wellbeing.
It’s the path to your true potential.
It’s Alyfe. Well Lived.

Transformative Wellbeing.
That’s the promise of Alyfe.


Our solutions are handcrafted to fit YOUR needs. We start with key ingredients (best practices and proven capabilities). And then we expertly craft an approach that is right for your population. With Alyfe, you’ll be assigned a wellbeing strategist with the experience, insight and expertise to help you succeed.


An individual’s approach to nutrition has more impact on their overall wellbeing than any other factor or behavior. Alyfe’s deep nutritional experience and expertise allow us to effectively embed nutrition as a key component in everything we do. In addition to nutrition-centered product design, the majority of our coaches are also registered dietitians, which means every conversation includes a focus on food.


We take an integrated approach to address the roots of health behaviors. In our early success with nutrition and weight management, we discovered that to help people make healthy changes, you must get to the root of the issues. We help individuals overcome the barriers, obstacles and life stressors that are negatively influencing their social, emotional, financial, and relational behaviors. Our focus is comprehensive wellbeing that includes health, happiness and quality of life, versus only physical wellness.


Positively changing behavior to create improved wellbeing is not a quick fix. There are no shortcuts. No overnight successes. Alyfe helps you build a program for the long haul, leveraging our highly credentialed staff and multi-faceted capabilities. Every step of the way, we help your population take another step forward. We deliver solutions that create significant and sustainable impact.


We serve as a reliable partner who makes it work. We are an extension of your team. We roll up our sleeves. We get dirty. We fight the battles with you. We are problem solvers with real-life experience.


We believe there is no easy road to success. We put in the hard work required to improve your organization’s performance, while positively impacting employees and their families in all aspects of their lives. Our promise to you is a mindful, intensely collaborative, and high performance workforce.