Alyfe and DSI Serve Up “Happy Meals”

Decadent food, joyous music, themed decorations, big celebrations, special family traditions, and perfectly wrapped, thoughtful gifts—what isn’t there to love about this time of year? It’s the holiday season! The holidays are a memorable time of year and in our social media and Pinterest driven world, all of the picture perfect holiday festivities can be quite consuming!

Volunteering during the holidays isn’t groundbreaking news, but sometimes, despite our best intentions, we may not remember to fit it into our busy holiday schedule. To kick off this season, Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies and its sister company, Dietary Solutions, spent a day preparing and serving lunch to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald house.

While soaking up quality family time during the holidays, we may not realize that many families are forced to miss the cheerful holiday celebrations. Not because they want to, but because they are suffering one of life’s greatest misfortunes. Having a hospitalized child can be one of the most stressful experiences a family can endure. Children who are hospitalized need the security of having their parents near them, but staying at the hospital around the clock can be a tremendous challenge. The Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio gives families a home-away-from-home, right across the street from Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The House operation relies heavily on volunteers and donations received.

The Alyfe and DSI teams were delighted to lend a helping hand to feed these families.

“Almost every person who came through the line thanked us for preparing their lunch. They were so thankful to have a home cooked meal while staying at The Ronald McDonald House. There was a mom who came in with 3 kids and I jumped right in to help the older two because the mom had her hands full carrying the youngest. While preparing the kid’s plates, I was thanked each time I placed something new on their dish. It was so amazing to see the gratefulness of each family, even while they were dealing with misfortune.

 It felt great to take the time to give back to our local community. I did not know everyone’s story or why they were at The Ronald McDonald House, but it was rewarding knowing that even for a short period of time we gave families a sense of home and allowed them to not think about their worries.” –Kendra Conrad, Alyfe Wellbeing employee

Studies have shown that volunteering helps people who donate their time:

  • Feel more socially connected (thus warding off loneliness and depression)
  • Feel physically, mentally, and emotionally better
  • Have a greater sense of purpose
  • Relieve and manage stress

This holiday season, pick a charity of interest (or let your employees choose something that is meaningful to them) and have your employees spend a morning or afternoon volunteering. There’s no better way to incorporate team building and employee wellbeing than extending a helping hand to those in need! After all, aren’t the holidays about giving and selflessness?

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